Past Experience

3 Finsbury Square: £100m. 17,500m². New offices 
2007-2008 [Sheppard Robson] 
One Southampton Row: £50m. 11,000m². New offices 
2006-2007 [Sheppard Robson] 
Experian Headquarters: £35m. 25,000m². New offices 
2001-04 [Sheppard Robson] 
Royal Docks Development:£80m. 14,000m² 
Mixed development. 2000 [Sheppard Robson] 
Millennium Business Centre: £3.5m. 2,800m². 
1998 [Terry Farrell & Partners] 
Paddington Basin Building A: £32m. New offices 
1998-1999 [Terry Farrell & Partners] 
Riverside One Development, Sydney: A$16m. New offices 
1996-1997. [Nettleton Tribes Architects] 
Fujitsu Office Development, Sydney: A$12m. New Offices 
1995-1996 [Nettleton Tribes Architects] 

Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust Hospital: £75m. New Build 
2004-2006 [Sheppard Robson] 
The North West London NHS Trust Hospital: £305m. 
New Build 2005 [Sheppard Robson] 
The North West London NHS Trust Hospital: £4.5m. 
Refurbishment 2005–2006 [Sheppard Robson] 
Great Ormond Street Hospital: £10m. 
Refurbishment 2004–2005 [Sheppard Robson] 
Oxford Radcliffe Hospital: £8m. 5,300m². 
New build 2004–2007 [Sheppard Robson] 
King’s College Hospital Day Surgery: £3.5m. Refurbishment 
2004–2006 [Sheppard Robson] 

Royal Docks Development Competition. £80m. 14,000m² 
Mixed-evelopment. 2000 [Sheppard Robson] 
Beijing Grand Opera, China: £50m. 14,000m².
1999 [Terry Farrell & Partners] 
Guangzhou Cultural Centre, China: £25m. 
1999 [Terry Farrell & Partners] 
The Deep Hull: £35m. Millennium Funding 
1998 [Terry Farrell & Partners]