Current Projects

Borough High Street Regeneration

We are working with University of Westminster Build-Up Program, consists a team of professionals with a variety of experience in the built environment to look at the current structure of Borough High Street and to improve the street and to regenerate the surrounding areas. The Business Improvement District [BID] and Better Bankside are working with the University of Westminster to commission this project. 

The initial analysis of strengthening the Borough High Street including outlining the short and long term strategies. In the short term, we focus a series of simple interventions on the stretch of Borough High Street between its intervention with Union Street and the junction surrounding St.George, the Martyr. Alleyways leading off Borough High Street can be cleaned up and made more attractive for pedestrian use. This ties in with the Better Bankside Urban Forest Project; and to improve east-west connectivity in the Bankside and London Bridge Areas for pedestrians by improving existing green spaces and pedestrian through ways. This aims to enhance and improve the local businesses. 

A more longer term project will be the gradual improvement of the junction around St. George, the Martyr, including the improvements of the crucial "node", where the public transport pedestrian and vehicle traffic interface. Also, the redevelopment of Brandon House, which is currently being assessed by Southwark Council.