Current Projects

Retrofit: 81-87 Shakespeare Street, Sunderland

Wider Context: The Energy Efficient Retrofit to 81-87 Shakespeare Street is located within the Masterplan development of Phase 3 Southwick, Sunderland. This retrofit scheme is aimed as a sustainable housing that focused not just energy efficiency, it also takes account of supply and transport infrastructures, the creation of natural outdoor space, cost-efficient forms of construction, as well as local economics and social aspects. It follows the philosophy and planning direction as noted in the ‘Environmental Sustainable Housing: Standards and Innovation’, that planning is seen not just in the context of building, but in conjunction with community and urban development and in response to ecological, social and economic criteria. Topics include energy efficiency, mobility, use of environmentally friendly building materials and their ecologically acceptable supply and disposal, natural landscaping and spatial design, and space-saving construction are encompassed within the proposed retrofit scheme. It is aimed to follow the Masterplan development to bring back a sense of community pride and a safer, greener and cleaner neighbourhood environment for local community. The new facilities will include sustainable mode of transport such as cycling and walking; Improve the public realm and provide open space, e.g. the ‘green lung’ that runs across the site and the primary school, and the ‘green street’ - Shakespeare Street; and, the improvement of health, education and community facilities. 

Concept: The intention of this retrofit scheme is to create an open, adaptable, flexible and inspiring dwelling for the 21st Century Living Space, and to incorporate inclusive design for changing lifestyle needs. We are proposing to encompass the 87 Shakespeare Street as a whole of this retrofit scheme. We understand 87 is currently occupied by a private owner, our intention is to propose a phased-retrofit development. Each dwelling will be consisted of 2-bed with balcony and outside space. We are aimed to maximise external fundings such as National Affordable Housing Programme [NAHP], Social Housing Grant by Housing Corporation and The Big Lottery Fund for core measures; and funders such as CERT, LCBF [BERR programme], and utility suppliers that operate ‘green tariffs’, e.g. Powergen, for the micro-regeneration renewable. External elevational treatments will be innovative and yet matching the surrounding developments so they are blended harmony within the overall context as with the external landscaping treatments.